Living & Dining Room Furniture

Brighten up the living area in your accommodation with new furniture. We have a great collection of coffee tables, console units and more in a fantastic range of styles and colours. Whether you are looking to replace one or two items or looking for a full refurb we have options to help achieve the look you want.
Code: AMA002
Code: AMA003
Code: AMA001
Code: ASP003
Code: AST011
Code: AST004
Code: AST006
Code: AST005
Code: AST009
Code: AST008
Code: AST007
Code: BRO004
Code: BRO005
Code: BRO007
Code: BRO006
Code: CAM016
Code: CLE002
Code: CON002
Code: COX005
Code: COX006
Code: COX007
Code: CUR402
Code: CUR303
Code: CUR304
Code: CUR307
Code: CUR306
Code: CUR305
Code: DAV007
Code: DAV008
Code: DAV009
Code: MAN305
Code: MAN304
Code: MAN303
Code: MET001
Code: MET002
Code: RIC203