Living & Dining

Maximise the functionality of your accommodations living and dining areas with living and dining furniture in a range of styles, colours and sizes. Plus our living and dining furniture is ideal if you are looking to replace one or two pieces or we have full collections if you are looking for a complete refurb.
Code: AMA002
Code: AMA003
Code: AMA001
Code: AST002
Code: AST001
Code: AST011
Code: AST004
Code: AST009
Code: AST008
Code: AST007
Code: BOD201
Code: BRO002
Code: BRO003
Code: BRO001
Code: BRO004
Code: BRO005
Code: BRO007
Code: BRO006
Code: BRO008
Code: BRO009
Code: CAN002
Code: CAN001
Code: CAS102
Code: CAS101